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While Avalon Log Homes, a division of Avalon Enteprises, is certainly not the oldest log home company in the business, or the biggest, we are absolutely committed to becoming one of the nation's premier log home suppliers for log homes all over the USA and Canada.

Our Division, Avalon Custom Homes offers full line of services for contemporary stick frame custom residential homes.

Our Divisions, Avalon Design Services and Avalon Construction Management Services can be your full service log home provider. We can help you with a log home package as well as being the designer, the builder or construction manager. Many companies today do not have the background to provide you with the total vertical turnkey cost estimates to build your home. We can do that for you. We honestly want to help you with your total expected costs up front before you jump in on a log package.

Avalon Design Services allows you to take one our standard log home plans or custom log homes, or one of our contemporary stick build plans and redesign it to fit your needs and tastes either as a log home or a standard stick built home.

Avalon Log Homes works with three different plants including one in Canada, direct to avoid the huge overhead that our competitors have to maintain. Yet we can offer you as good as or better product at a wholesale price and with our builder background, go a step farther by being able to help you with the rest of your construction issues that many others don't have the experience to offer.

You can click on any of our four main divisions shown on the left. While here, check out our floor plans and updated photo galleries and videos. You'll find a wealth of information about log homes, research, construction and log home design information, and financing help.

You can request a custom quote for one of our plans or send us yours for a quote. We'll help you through the whole construction process if you desire.




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