Log Home Floor Plans

Log Home Floor Plans

At Avalon Log Homes we understand that having the right floor plan is a must for you. That is why we have our own in house design team. This means that we are able to provide you with a fully customized floor plan that is exactly to your specifications. We are able to take a floor plan from any source, fine tune it to your needs and wishes to be the log home, log cabin, handcrafted, or timber frame home of your dreams. We can take a conventionally framed home and design it into a log home or vice versa to suite you needs. At the end of the design process we will produce working blue prints for you.

We also offer Gravitas, Inc. designs custom homes from high mountain to desert properties. The Gravitas team will provide innovative design, creative solutions, with attention to your needs. Their homes highlight simplicity of materials, the graceful path of the sun, the comfort of the occupants, and their movement in and through the spaces.

Click below to view more details about any floor plan. We have them in four sections: Standard, Gravitas, Custom, and Custom Traditional. Any of these plans can be designed either as a log home or as a conventionally stick-built home.

Standard Log Home Plans

Square Feet Name Rendering
760 Heath Ridge Heath Ridge
768 Peekskill Peekskill
960 Nester Nester
1019 White Pine White Pine
1035 Vista Garage-Suite Vista Garage-Suite
1064 Birchwood Birchwood
1086 Mountain Top Mountain Top
1182 Alpine Alpine
1246 Cedar Crest Cedar Crest
1362 Lariat Lariat
1424 Willowcreek Willowcreek
1443 Snowflake Snowflake
1499 Deertrail Deertrail
1629 Las Alturas Las Alturas
1704 Aspen Aspen
1711 Clear Creek Clear Creek
1756 Pinehurst Pinehurst
1826 Oak Crest Oak Crest
1851 Saddlehorn Saddlehorn
1917 Mesa Garage-Suite Mesa Garage-Suite
2114 Rio Verde Rio Verde
2119 Meadow View Meadow View
2124 Montana Montana
2137 Ridge Crest Ridge Crest
2155 Edgewood Edgewood
2280 Springdale Springdale
2421 Maplewood Maplewood
2620 Elk Ridge Elk Ridge
2638 Eagles Nest Eagles Nest
2757 Cimmeron Cimmeron
2758 Timber Line Timber Line
2780 Spurcross Log Home Spurcross Log Home
3068 Pinewood Pinewood
4025 River Birch River Birch
4401 Fall Creek Fall Creek
5068 Tiburon Tiburon

GravitasTM Plans

Square Feet Name Rendering
402 ADU Garage Suite ADU Garage Suite
459 The Shasta The Shasta
643 The Klamath The Klamath
693 The Metolius The Metolius
811 The Dechutes The Dechutes
939 The Sabine The Sabine
1021 The Oswego The Oswego
1173 Eagle Ridge Eagle Ridge
1200 The Albany The Albany
1216 The Malheur The Malheur
1243 The Cache B The Cache B
1274 The Winooski The Winooski
1305 The Quinn The Quinn
1427 The Willow The Willow
1648 The Greylin The Greylin
1720 The Clearwater The Clearwater
1784 The Merced The Merced
1832 The Afton The Afton
1895 The Palouse The Palouse
1905 The Bighorn The Bighorn
2066 The Bruneau The Bruneau
2112 The Mackenzie The Mackenzie
2126 The Seton The Seton
2144 The North Fork The North Fork
2200 The Pipestone The Pipestone
2390 The Ashley The Ashley
2411 The Gunnison The Gunnison
2411 The Gunnison B The Gunnison B
2559 The Roanoke The Roanoke
2559 The Dearborn The Dearborn
2620 Ranch Suites Ranch Suites
2718 The Whitefish The Whitefish
2775 The Carson The Carson
2869 The Redstone The Redstone
2988 The Tioga The Tioga
3005 The Clarion The Clarion
3114 The Santee The Santee
3130 The Sages The Sages
3133 The Rockway Duplex The Rockway Duplex
3200 The Lamar The Lamar
3280 Sierra La Rama Sierra La Rama
3464 The Alexandra The Alexandra
3556 The Stillwater The Stillwater
3689 The McCloud The McCloud
3760 The Madison The Madison
3787 The Goodwood The Goodwood
3831 Park City Park City
3991 The Long Valley The Long Valley
3992 The Ventura The Ventura
4008 The Red Deer The Red Deer
4244 The Salinas The Salinas
4443 The Yakima The Yakima
4514 The Escalante The Escalante
5006 The Columbia The Columbia
5324 The St. Francis Log Chapel The St. Francis Log Chapel
5559 The Clark Fork The Clark Fork
5604 The Rivanna The Rivanna
5627 The Seneca The Seneca
7185 The Bear Creek The Bear Creek

Custom Log Home Plans

Square Feet Name Rendering
878 Brandywine Brandywine
1023 Mountaintop II Mountaintop II
1089 Wilcox White Pine Wilcox White Pine
1200 Baymar Baymar
1228 Stamford Stamford
1250 Fries Garage/Suite Fries Garage/Suite
1305 Larriat King Larriat King
1354 Aurora Sconnelly Aurora Sconnelly
1372 Blueridge Blueridge
1372 Alpine View Alpine View
1416 Sanchez Pinecrest Sanchez Pinecrest
1449 Arbor Cove Arbor Cove
1488 Cedarcrest Cedarcrest
1493 Snowflake - Auginash Snowflake - Auginash
1502 Arbor Crossing Arbor Crossing
1512 Arbor Meadows Arbor Meadows
1536 Big Creek Big Creek
1544 Ashton Ashton
1613 Gateway Gateway
1638 Pinecreek Pinecreek
1728 Trent - Meadow Creek Trent - Meadow Creek
1774 Glenhaven Glenhaven
1801 Clear Creek Jordan Clear Creek Jordan
1819 Cottonwood Cottonwood
1861 Turgate Turgate
1864 Arborpoint Arborpoint
1896 Windsor Windsor
1906 Hazelwood Hazelwood
1906 Clear Creek Roth Clear Creek Roth
1941 Natoma Natoma
1954 Matthiesen Matthiesen
1955 Woodlawn Woodlawn
1963 Regent Regent
2007 Brookmere Brookmere
2030 Clear Creek - Vaughn Clear Creek - Vaughn
2088 Valmont Valmont
2113 Rosewood Rosewood
2138 Bush Bush
2145 Summerlake Summerlake
2155 Edgewood - Mann Edgewood - Mann
2155 Edgewood Mann II Edgewood Mann II
2203 Ridgecrest - Pippin  Ridgecrest - Pippin
2271 Edgewood - Sterchi Edgewood - Sterchi
2305 Rio Verde Johnson Rio Verde Johnson
2317 Edgewood Chastee Edgewood Chastee
2346 Waterford Waterford
2402 Regency Regency
2403 Haskell Haskell
2422 Yellowpine Yellowpine
2438 Hubbard Hubbard
2475 Ridgewood Ridgewood
2480 Lodgestone Lodgestone
2500 Martini Martini
2501 Sing Sing
2521 Amber Amber
2544 Rainwood Rainwood
2563 Hidden Trails Hidden Trails
2578 Powers Powers
2588 Deertrail - Chissus Deertrail - Chissus
2608 Edgewood - Sorensen Edgewood - Sorensen
2610 Spurcross Moore Spurcross Moore
2616 Medora Medora
2646 Highbury Highbury
2709 Cimmeron Williams Cimmeron Williams
2724 Eaglesnest Davila Eaglesnest Davila
2741 Cameron Cameron
2749 Mountain Brook Mountain Brook
2777 Windriver Windriver
2802 Burge Burge
2804 Mallinson Mallinson
2820 Larkridge Larkridge
2835 Birchcrest Birchcrest
2883 Waterstone Waterstone
2910 Pullig Pullig
2919 Hidden Trails Springdale Hidden Trails Springdale
2930 Claredon Claredon
3042 Quailridge Quailridge
3136 Sedgewood Sedgewood
3137 Johnson Eaglesnest Log Home Johnson Eaglesnest Log Home
3141 Reed Reed
3219 Greycrest Greycrest
3303 Woodlark Woodlark
3372 Larkwood Larkwood
3381 Woodcliffe Woodcliffe
3397 Rowader  Rowader
3623 DLewis DLewis
3640 Wynfield Wynfield
3650 Trescott Trescott
3800 Comacho Comacho
4196 Edgewood Glissman Edgewood Glissman
4784 Edgewood Spangenburg Edgewood Spangenburg
5406 Sorenson Log Lodge Sorenson Log Lodge
5755 Greyhawk Greyhawk
6452 Bridgewater Bridgewater
10182 Sun Valley Log Lodge Sun Valley Log Lodge

Traditional Custom Home Plans

Custom, conventionally stick-built plans that can be designed either log or stick-built to fit your needs.

Square Feet Name Rendering
1304 Albany Albany
1530 Bitteroot Bitteroot
1584 Andover Andover
1586 Parkstone Parkstone
1696 Elkhorn Elkhorn
1700 Grey Grey
1700 Amhurst Amhurst
1800 Alderwood Alderwood
1800 Arborgate Arborgate
1804 Armitage Armitage
1861 Ashcrest Ashcrest
1932 Ashford Ashford
1997 Ambrose Ambrose
1997 Parkwood Parkwood
2000 Birchriver Birchriver
2005 Waverly Waverly
2025 Austin Austin
2033 Claremont Claremont
2059 Bayhill Bayhill
2077 Briarwood II Briarwood II
2135 Castlepines Castlepines
2150 Camfield Camfield
2193 Brookhaven Brookhaven
2199 The Ashland The Ashland
2213 Coventry Coventry
2300 Edenbridge Edenbridge
2308 Edgebrook Edgebrook
2321 Edgewater Edgewater
2370 Glenview Glenview
2454 Greythorne Greythorne
2501 Hearthstone Hearthstone
2557 Grove Park Grove Park
2684 Larkhaven Larkhaven
2700 Havenbrook Havenbrook
2705 Juniper Juniper
2800 Saxony Saxony
2820 Larkspur Larkspur
2836 Larkspur II Larkspur II
2878 Stonewall Stonewall
2905 Ashwood Ashwood
2928 Meadowbrook Meadowbrook
2984 Millbrook Millbrook
3000 Oakmont Oakmont
3100 Winterbrook Winterbrook
3192 Cresthill Cresthill
3392 Winterbirch Winterbirch