Finding Log Home Builders

The relationship between you and builder should be one of trust & comfort. You must be able to trust your builder and feel comfortable with the choice you made.

Avalon Log Homes partners with only exceptional quality builders and holds them to strict standards of quality and conduct. Unlike most companies, Avalon's extensive network of authorized dealers is comprised of mostly seasoned builders. As an Avalon Log Homes homeowner, you can be assured that our builders are some of the finest in the business. Prospective log homeowners who are currently sourcing qualified builder should consider the following guide courtesy of Log Home Solutions (

Ask for reference and check them out

Thoroughly investigate at least 3-4 references for each builder you consider. The references should consist of the builders' clients for whom he/she has built homes for in the past 5 years.

Simply phoning to ask a few questions is not enough. Arrange to visit the homes of the references, so you can check for the signs of good construction detailed below. It is important to interview the builders' references without the presence of the builder. This will allow the references to speak more candidly.

Important Questions You Should Ask the References

Check the builder's credentials

Although there are many good builders who do not affiliate themselves with industry organizations, it is a question you should ask. If they are, this allows you the ability to check with that organization and see if the builder is in good standing. Your decision on which builder to select should not be based on this type of credential alone. You should also check with your States' Attorney General Office about the perspective builder or company.

Select an experienced builder

Your log home may be your lifetime dream, but it can turn into a nightmare quickly. There may be a new builder in town, but before you hire them check out their building references.

How many log homes have they been involved in and how many years have they been building log homes?

There is nothing wrong with new builders as long as they have verifiable credentials in the log building industry. Choose someone with proven experience.

Ask the builder how often they will be onsite

You are paying for the builder's time and attention. An acceptable amount of presence on the job site is 2-3 days and an Ideal situation would have him/her on your job site every day. If having the builder's presence on your job site everyday is important to you, then you should hire a builder with a small company of 25 employees or less.