Log Home Packages

Material Packages Diagram

Package A: Log Package

  1. Log wall system: Includes log walls, starter log & cap, corners as specified, caulking & gasketing, & log screws
  2. Log stair system: 1/2 log stringers and treads (notched treads available)
  3. Log support posts
  4. Loft floor system: loft carrier beam, loft log support columns, & log floor joists
  5. Interior log railing system: top & bottom caps, pickets, and posts
  6. Log sided gable ends
  7. Log sided log dormers with vertical log corners (full log corners available)
  8. Log porch rafters is avaliable
  9. Log porch headers
  10. Log porch posts
  11. Covered porch log railing system: top & bottom caps, pickets, and posts

Package B / C: Adds to complete a weathertight shell:

  1. False log purlins (1x tongue & groove for ceilings available)
  2. Exterior window and door bucks & trim
  3. 2x tongue & groove loft decking
  4. Exterior steel doors
  5. (1x6 tongue & groove paneling for walls available)
  6. Roof System & Gables: Ridge Beams, false log purlins, engineered I joists, roof sheathing, gable end and dormer wall framing & sheathing, soffitt & fascia, garage trusses ( if applicable) & 2x T & G decking at porch roofs
  7. Vinyl Low E double glazed windows, and steel prehung exterior doors & patio doors
  8. Crawlspace/basement bearing wall framing materials
  9. Main floor systems: plates, engineered I joists, adhesive, & sub floor
  10. Interior wall framing materials: plates, studs, and headers
  11. Loft engineered I joists & floor sheathing
  12. Exterior deck log railing system: top & bottom caps, pickets, and posts is available
  13. Covered porch & exterior deck floor faming & decking material is available
  14. Roof felt & metal roof or architectural shingles is available
Avalon Log Homes PACKAGE A


Avalon Log Home Services
Custom Design Services - Standard or custom plans included Included Included
Technical Support Services Included Included
Wall Log System
Species - Spruce, Pine Douglas Fir standard (All log species available) Included Included
Milled Log Profiles - D-Log, Double-D, Square Log, Full Round or Swedish Cope standard (all profiles available) Included Included
Handcrafted Log Profiles - Swedish Cope or Full-Chink standard (Custom profiles available) Included Included
Hardware - Lag Screws, Dowels & Foam Gaskets Included Included
Main Floor System
Sill - 2 x 6 pressure treated Included
Band - Web joist structural rim ply Included
Girder - Pony wall (2 x 6s on 16 inch centers with pressure treated mud sills) Included
Joists - Web joists on 16 inch centers Included
Flooring - 3/4 Sturdifloor Included
Second Floor System
Flooring -3/4 Sturdifloor Included
Girder - log or glu lam beam Included Included
Joists - engineered I joists Included Included
Support Columns - 12 inch logs Included Included
Interior Stair & Railing System
Stringers - 12 inch half logs (notching optional) Included
Treads - 12 inch half log Included
Railing - 4 inch logs Included
Pickets - 3 x 32 inch logs Included
Doors & Windows
Exterior Doors - Wood or metal standard (upgrades available) Included
Windows - Vinyl windows with screens standard (Wood, Low E and Tilt & Turn optional) Included
Exterior Door & Window Trim - 1 x 4 pine Included
Window & Door Bucks - 2 x 6 Included
Gables & Dormer System
Log Cabin Siding at upper dormers & Gables Included Included
Roof System
Rafters - Engineered I Web joists @ 16" o/c Included Included
Ridgebeam - 12 inch log or GLB Included Included
Purlins - 10 inch false purlins Included Included
Ceiling - 1 x 6 Tongue & groove Optional
Roof Sheathing Included
Insulation - Foamcore or BATT Optional
Felt Paper - 15 lb Optional
Fiberglass Shingles or metal roofing Optional
Porch System
Floor Joists & Bands - 2 x 10 Optional
Flooring - 5 / 4 x 6 cedar Optional
Roof Rafters - 10 inch logs Included
Columns & Headers - 10/12" inch logs Included
Railing Posts - 6 inch logs Optional
Railings - 4 inch logs Optional
Pickets - 3 x 32 inch logs Optional
Porch Roof Decking - 2 x 6 tongue & groove Optional
General Framing
Interior Walls - Stud walls Included
Gable & Dormer Framing: 2 x framing on 16 inch centers Included
Facia - Cedar double facia Included
Exterior Deck(s)
Dimensional Lumber & Hardware Optional
Railing - 4 inch logs (Optional) Optional
Pickets - 3 x 32 inch logs Optional