Planning and Budgeting For Log Homes

The first step to building your dream home is to create a realistic construction budget based on what you can comfortably afford. In some cases, this may require modifying the floor plan or the overall design to meet your limitations. Keep in mind that this needs to be a realistic and attainable number (don't look at $500,000 projects if all you can afford is $150,000) and don't be afraid to be conservative with your estimate at first.

When creating a realistic construction budget, consider the following strategies:

Now that you have a budget number in mind, it is time to decide which type of log home fits within your means. There are two main categories of log homes: milled and handcrafted.

In general terms, Milled log homes will range from $80.00 to over $150.00 per Sq. Ft. on the average. Handcrafted log homes are typically more costly of the two, normally costing from $150 to $250 per Sq. Ft. These costs will vary depending on the local building department requirements, your site location, if you are hiring a builder or managing that yourself, and if you are doing some of the work yourself. It will also depend on your selection of the finishes on your home. These items can greatly reduce your costs.

Note: These prices are only estimates and may vary up to 15% depending on such factors as location and the particular amenities that you would like in your home.

For illustration purposes, suppose that you elect to build a medium quality 2000 Sq. Ft. milled log home and your cost is $120 per Sq. Ft. Using these two variables (total square footage and cost per square foot) you can quickly calculate a rough estimate of what your total project cost will be; in this example you can approximate your total costs at $240,000.00 plus land. The same formula applied to a comparably sized handcrafted log home, using $175.00 per Sq. Ft., will increase your cost estimate to roughly $350,000.00 plus land.

Once you've arrived at a realistic construction budget, your next step is to refine your estimates into hard numbers by proceeding with a detailed project plan. Your project plan includes all the elements needed to manage the construction of your new log home, whether you hire a licensed builder/construction manager or you do much of the building yourself. Avalon Log Homes partners with our clients in the creation and execution of their log home project plans. Contact us today for more information.